Yesterday was not Feb 29, Sony

Sony’s Playstation Network really are behind the times when a lot of Playstation 3’s started having Y2k problems 0n March 1rst, 2010.

The date today is February 30 2010, the time is twenty-six o'clock and eighty six seconds.

The deal is, the internal clock in a lot of these machines was programmed to think 2010 was a leap year. So, a lot of machines got all bugered and couldn’t talk to the rest of the network. Nice going, Stringer, while you’re busy trying to conceptualize 3-D on TV and movies, your cash cow freezes up and makes XBox and Wii look damn good. Ballmer nearly choked on his sixth breakfast Philly cheesesteak and Diet Coke when he heard this. He’s so practically relieved when fuck ups like this happen to the competiton and not Microsoft, he starts getting white “dot” stains on his slacks. People don’t sit next to him when that happens, but they’re relieved too, ‘cos that means he’s not throwing the Ikea around the office, either. He might even start getting confident again. This bodes very very bad for many. We maybe stuck with Ballmer for years to come after all.