Windows Fanboy Pogue loves his Live stuff

Mac Fanboy-(apparently)-turned Windows Fanboy David Pogue blathers on here about all of the great stuff offered in the incomprehensible Windows Live line.  What is Windows Live, anyway? Shouldn’t they have just named it all MSN? I mean, it’s even got a new butterfly.  Look at this passage, and see if you can follow it.  Is there anything Redmond hasn’t rebranded like 10 times?

First of all, there are actually two “Windows Live” categories. In the first category, software programs: downloadable apps that should have come with Windows, but don’t, because Microsoft is afraid of more antitrust lawsuits. They’re a one-click download away, they’re collectively called Windows Live Essentials, and they include Windows Live Mail (formerly Windows Mail, formerly Outlook Express); Windows Live Photo Gallery; Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger); Windows Live Movie Maker; Windows Live Family Safety; Windows Live Toolbar; and Windows Live Writer (a tool for composing blog posts).