Where were you when the lights went out for an hour?

A lot of greentards are promoting Earth Hour awareness for tomorrow where for one hour, when we’re all supposed to take ourselves off the grid to help bring about global warming awareness (look, knock off the global warming/cooling labels and call it accelerated extreme climate change, okay, so you don’t have to deal with wise-ass non believers belittling you, cos they only read LARGE PRINT and not the fine print) MY city is participating, so downtown will go dark from about eleven until twelve. Hospitals and care facilities are not affected, which I think misses the point. IN fact, I’m really not sure why turning off the power for an hour tomorrow night is supposed to help me think about climate change and going green. People really do not know where electricity comes from or how it’s generated – as long as it’s there, that’s the important thing. When it’s not there, it’s either an inconvenience or a catastrophe, but people still won’t know, don’t wanna’ know, will refuse to to wanna’ know how it’s generated – they want it to be there, invisible and that is that.  I’m not anti-green just anti-greentard. There is a difference. The tards go about broadcasting their  message all wrong, and their opponents will always have the upper hand in countering them as Chicken Little, until it’s too late for everyone and everybody is fucked. The countries that really should know better besides us capitalist pigs in the west is China and India. They should be leading the way, implementing green technology by the boatload and demonstrating to Western capitalists green is not only good and affordable but profitable,too. But they’re just as bad as gobbling up resources, being wasteful and using petroleum and coal like nobody’s business. Which goes to show tards have infected the planet overall and future generations will be fucked cleaning up our worldwide mess. So, go off your grid for hour tomorrow. Do it every night if you like. You’re not making a serious difference yet. It’s not enough if you do it. You have to get everyone on the team and it has to be a serious concerted planned effort not some higgly piggly scattershot thing. We should be developing solar cell technology like we develop silicon chips – if we did that right now, in less than a half generation, seventy percent (70%) of homes would have access to do it yourself solar power roof kits that would provide more than enough electricity for every household , apartment and office buildings and factory in the Western Hemisphere and eighty five percent (85%) of the whole world by a generation and a half. Petroleum run vehicles would be outmoded hobbies.  Of course, we may cut down on carbon emissions, but we also need to stop cutting down forests and start planting trees everywhere possible. You get the idea, right?