We’re changing the Ponytail contest to a Woz sighting

Woz, Woz,Woz, what a wonderful whiz that iz Woz. Will you spot him this weekened, when he buys his three iPads? Well, we’re killing the Snip The Ponytail Off contest due to lack of interest.

I wish you'd tell my family that silly contest is over, they're still trying to cut "my personality" off. My life ... it's just hell. Hell! Thanks to you!! Damn!!!!

We’re betting a lot of you will be waiting in line at your local Apple Store (or gosh forbid, Best Buy) lining up to buy an iPad. Well, if you’re lucky, Woz will be there, too. Imagine if you spot him and capture him “being¬† Woz” on either your mobile phone, or Flip camera or even your Dad’s old Super 8 mm movie camera. If you do, take that video of your sighting, post that video online and send link to us with proof that is your video at firstrabidfanboy@gmail.com. This isn’t a race for who posts first, btw. We’re looking for the best video of Woz, either waiting in line, talking to fans in the queue, purchasing his iPads in the store, or jumping to the head of the line, or Woz just being Woz, just as long as its interesting and has got Woz in it. First prize is still that signed Open Solaris disc from Sun Microsystems (this is NOT a download onto a DVD-R, this is the real deal, folks). Runner up prizes will be signed copies of my South Park icon. Woz, Brinke, El Jobso – you are all eligible to enter – and I’m still magnaminous. The contest closes at 11:59:59 pm April 4th 2010.¬† Good luck and good hunting folks! Winners will be announced later in the week, after I’ve eaten all the Cadbury eggs I can eat without throwing up – I’m gluttonous that way!

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