“We haven’t seen it; we never do”

That’s the money quote from a Reuters article on MSNBC, regarding the launch of The Device this Saturday morning. The quote refers to those hard-working members of the Apple retail stores. ¬†Apparently, they never see a new launch item until just before it goes on sale. Like, minutes before.

“We did not see or hold an iPhone until an hour before it went on sale,” said a former Apple store employee.

“There was really no word on anything,” said another former store worker of the iPhone launch. “We saw a video of the keynote, and that was basically all you knew.”

Moshe and his ex-Mossad security team will be deployed across the USA on Saturday morning. Not that you’ll see elite troops in black Kevlar body armor with sniper rifles or anything. However, order must be maintained at all times. ¬†So they’ll do what they gotta do. Strictly business.