Twitter CEO empties keynote in record time.

I'm not related to Jeremy Piven nor Matt Frewer, okay?

When Steve Jobs¬† speaks, people and markets listen. When Larry Ellison speaks, markets and vaginae perk up. When Steve Ballmer opens his yap, people break out the YouTube¬† mash-ups and create a new Internet comedy sensation. You see where I’m going with this? Before Evan Williams opened his mouth, the whole Twitterverse were ready to confer on him Jobs-like adoration and status. Who knew this guy could be such a drag? Ev-boy, here, essentially founded the crack cocaine of the Internet (can someone please tell me how Twitter is making money, apart from shaking down angel investors?) and, until he opened his mouth this afternoon at SXSWi, die-hard twit-heads stood around the block waiting to hear his grand plan for their thumb-eye-brain addiction. When he started droning about the new @anywhere service, everyone collectively shrugged their shoulders, mumbled something akin to, “that’s it?” and quietly stole out of the auditorium and twitted what a douche to the rest of the Twitternet. To get an idea of what happened here is a great comparision courtesy of The Flintstones:

I rest my case! here’s some ripping tweets from the event below

twittards ripping their own fearless leader

The money quote from Nick Saint from Silicon Valley Insider:

Remember Sarah Lacy’s horrible interview keynote with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2008? This was worse!