To order or not to order?

Haven’t pre-ordered your iPad online yet? Me neither, unless they decide to add the front/back camera at the last second or put in the next iteration for Christmas. Farhad Majoo addresses this on Slate but that’s not what’s buggin’ me. What’s buggin’ me is this photo here on the left. Notice that the user is happily typing away on keyboard but the iPad interface hasn’t an app or browser open that requires a keyboard. So this is a stupid posed photo that makes not a lick of sense. I mean, you do not use a mouse with this device. You touch the screen to open an app or browser – ta-fucking-da! You do not use a combination of keys to open an app on this. Oh my gawd, look, it’s not even a bad graphic image manipulation – you can see the hands and keyboard reflected on the screen. Total retardation – fail – fail -fail! Who approved this? Fire that retard, fire that retard, now!