Tim Bray wants to make sure you know he hates the iPhone

Tim Bray is the co-inventor of the XML Web standard.  So he carries a lot of weight. He has gone to great lengths to let the world know he is cuddling up to Android, (he now works at Google) and hates the iPhone a whole lot. How much?  Let him tell you, c/o this article on TechCrunch. Just more fuel on the Google-Apple fire. Update: Oops, here’s another shot in the war. Can’t keep up. Need a scorecard.

The iPhone vision of the mobile Internet’s future omits controversy, sex, and freedom, but includes strict limits on who can know what and who can say what. It’s a sterile Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed lawyers. The people who create the apps serve at the landlord’s pleasure and fear his anger. (Ed.- who is he referring to?)

I hate it.