Think really different, continued

Update 1.0: Newsweek’s Dan Lyons (the name…rings a bell) wrote a cover story on how the iPad is truly a game long as we want to do it Steve Job’s way. (Is there any other?)

This has caused some consternation in certain circles.

For example, some fellow named Philip Elmer-DeWitt decided to get a bit snarky with FSJ right here. Why? Because FSJ had the audacity to be underwhelmed with the iPad on announce day (as many were)..only to decide after he played with one that it was too cool for school. As Phil says, “The author of Newsweek‘s glowing iPad cover story sang a different tune at the unveiling.”

I guess he implies that changing your opinion is simply not done.  Sorry, Phil. He changed his mind.  Get over it.

Then, we head over to Daring Fireball. (Sorry, no link.  You get no hits via this site, Gruber.) He simply says “Switched from wrong (at the January media event) to right (in this week’s Newsweek cover story).” You’re saying he was wrong? How can an opinion be wrong? And while we’re on the subject, why does Gruber have such a worshipful fan base?  White text on blue.  No graphics, nothing. Snore.

Om Malik also weighs in here. Quoting Om: “In the Newsweek story, Lyons says ‘I got a chance to use an iPad, and it hit me: I want one. Right away I could see how I would use it. I’d keep it in the living room to check e-mail and browse the Web. I’d take it to the kitchen and read The New York Times while I eat breakfast. I’d bring it with me on a plane to watch movies and read books. That may not be life-changing, but is it worth 500 bucks? Yup. Done. Sold.” Malik adds, “These comments are very different from those he made in this video interview about two months ago, at the iPad launch ceremony. I am betting that many iPad skeptics are going to have a similar positive reaction to the device.”

I like Om. And he’s right.

A product unveil is one thing.  It’s still abstract. Once you get your hands on it though, your original opinion will either confirm itself, or you’ll get out your Visa card and buy one. And a couple for…the hard-working staff.  Ahem.

Update 2.0:

Mr. Dewitt also adds that the new TV comedy iCon has hit a snag.  Dewitt says “The original contract gave MRC rights to Lyons’ novel, “Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs — A Parody.” But after the deal was announced, our sources say, the studio quietly added a clause by which it would have owned Lyons’ blog as well. Lyons’ lawyers caught the change, and now the two sides are at loggerheads.”

To be continued. (I know Lastangelman will have a say in this- mine just leaves out the bad language, and maybe a Mitchell Baker reference or two.)