The Inquirer brings the non-love

Nick Farrel over at The Inquirer is gargling on his own bile lately concerning Steve Jobs, The Oscars, the iPad commerical and whether or not the OS for the iPad is going to have more bugs than the initial release of Snow Leopard. You’d think some showaddywaddy from the Genius Bar stepped over the counter, personally snatched his nutsack and ground it underfoot, then drop kicked it into the incinerator and danced around the flames while our intrepid journo-blogger reeled on the floor in agony, cursing revenge on all things Apple. In other words, what’s with this guy? Oh wait a minute, I get it. He’s one of those angry bald guys. Check it out. See? He’s gazing at somebody right now with that longing look of hair envy. He hates the world and the unfairness of the universe. Might he have a small penis, too? Frankly, I don’t wanna’ know, so please don’t send me pics or you’ll be banned from reading this site. I mean it. Don’t start. Stop it! Hey! I warned you. Right, you’re finished! Get out ! Now! Pest! The other thing he’s angry about. He had a website but he let it expire. He was once so full of himself he had his own website. But he soon found out he was paying for nuthin’. So this made him angry, too. Well, he’s just one more angry E.D. sufferin’ micro-penis’ed balding journo-blogger nobody, so bring it on oh balding Ferret. The iPad will change life as we all know it, so while you’re angrily chewin’ on your beard, cursing your god and your universe, the rest of us will be enjoying ourselves, getting on with our lives with our beautiful miracles of Jobs.