The Indestructable Happy Meal

today's landfill fodder, tomorrow's edible (?) archeological treasure

As anyone who may have watched a Morgan Spurlock documentary knows, McDonald’s food has so much sodium and preservatives in them, were it not for cockroaches, rodents and other vermin, it’d probably survive millennium after the passing of mankind, which reminds me, I’m still trying to pass a McDLT from 1987, even after fifteen colonic irrigations.¬† One woman claimed recently she kept a McDonald’s Happy Meal on her office desk for an entire year which I find pretty effing unbelievable, unless she works completely alone without any passing moochers and is her own sanitation engineer, office custodian or freakin’ janitor as we used to call ’em when I was in short pants. Otherwise, yeah, I’d believe it. I had a college roommate who’d buy a couple bags of BigMacs with cheese¬† every two weeks and live off them, without refrigeration, too!