The Battle of Yahoo! in Patel’s head

Another departing Yahoo exec, this one of the original sixty engineers who signed on before the company went public. Judging by the conversation TechCruch’s Michael Arrington ( I can not for the life of me read Michael Arrington’s name without hearing Mosspuppet’s pronunciation in my head) had with this fellow, perhaps it was for the best this guy finally left the nest.

It will only be a matter of time before Eric Schmidt commits suicide in his underground bunker and our victorious allies drop the bomb on Cupertino

Ash Patel, responsible for creation of such features as MyYahoo and friending yourself on Yahoo IM (can someone explain to me why friending yourself on YIM is useful or even considered a feature?), he likened Yahoo’s current troubles akin to WWII and The Battle of Britain. Does that make Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz either King George VI or Winston Churchill? If you ask me, Patel is confused. Carol is definitely Neville Chamberlain, she sold her company out for a few lousy pieces of paper. But I see no Churchill within or without from Yahoo!, so I imagine it’s only a matter of time before the Nazis and their Axis of evil partners in this analogy, whoever they may be (is Google supposed to be Nazi Germany and is Apple the emperor worshiping Imperial Japan? I’m thinking Microsoft must be the good ol’ Yanks in this fantasy) will overrun Yahoo! and assimilate the company much like Hitler and his gang took over Austria and Czecho-Slovakia. I’m sure Patel will enjoy his now much needed rest watching his World At War DVDs and playing Risk and Stratego with the other inmates.

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