Redstone, you’re gonna’ lose bigtime

As the Viacom vs Google case goes on and on and on, business people, lawyers and Las Vegas oddsmakers are betting against Viacom in the outcome. YouTube, unlike the Napster of eight years ago, has become a positive viable profitable business model that is well known and used by everyone, including most judges on the bench. It doesn’t help that Google, the company that knows everything about all its users, has concrete evidence Viacom secretly loaded its content onto YouTube during initial outset of lawsuit to help bolster its case. Money quote:

More broadly, Goldman said Google wins most lawsuits against it because it’s Google, a well-known search engine used by millions of people. “Everyone knows Google and judges are reluctant to take down Google,” he said.

Whaddya mean I'm not lovable? Fuck you, lastturdonthe birthdaycake ... hah, you see that? I still got it! Freakin' blogger ....

Unlike Microsoft, the old Borg, which loses or settle most of its court cases, to this very day, Google has an outstanding record of winning its day in court, some plaintiffs withdraw and fold their tents, never to be seen or heard from again.You can’t buy that kind of positive name brand recognition. My guess is that Viacom’s lawyers will have to play the monopoly or Borg card to get any sympathy, which is laughable since Viacom is a big bloated bad ass entertainment conglomerate that has a mean ornery unlovable fuddy-duddy as its CEO.