Phillip Erectile-Disfunction needs to update his profile photo

old photo from 1984 B.C. (Before Cialis)

current photo hidden, taken while subject squeezing one out on the can

Ever since this came out you may have read this by this turd fossil. Check out the idealized profile photo – taken in 1998 – or was that ’86? – let’s call it ’89, shall we? – listen, limp dick, before you start bringing up on-line videos from two months ago – an eternity in the tech media – in any media – let’s talk about the last time you looked anything close to that photo – which is not anything to brag about – sort of a broodmare Kelsey Grammer in his Cheers days, ya’ think? – now let’s lookatcha’ – d’oh! -my word, it’s Rush Limbaugh’s great uncle Percy – well, he looks he’s getting his Metamucil and Cialis regularly, doesn’t he? Let’s keep that snarkiness in check now, shall we Philip E-D, shall, we, hmmmm?

Word to the wise. Flip flopping is not a sign of wishy washiness, nor hypocrisy – it’s a sign of intelligence and survival, using reason over emotion – it’s called learning to adapt. Now go jump on that ice floe, gramps, and change your Depends, already, we get it, you take Metamucil!!!

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