Palm is circling the drain

… and if you’ve been reading all the reports this morning, that ain’t no isn’t an upward spiral. Number of phones actually sold to people plunged 29%, shares slid 18% in one day, Larry Dignan has all but written Palm’s obituary, AT&T is giving Palm the cold shoulder while welcoming Android phones like Nexus One with open arms.

It's all good, you'll see. Where's my developers? Anybody? Hello? Hmmm?

Developers are avoiding the webOS platform like the plague, which is a doggone shame. Ruby is keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of such adversity.

Hey everybody, I'm gonna' be a studio whiz, get it?

Where is Pee Boy, when you really need him? Oh, yeah, he’s trying to buy a movie studio.

What, they can't even afford to buy a pine box for this stiff?

What a shame. I had hopes the Palm Pre might take off or at least be in the running, perhaps even place or show. But the blame for this debacle is truly Ruby. Unless some kind of miracle happens, Palm looks likeĀ  it’s headed to the old technology museum in the sky.