Palm is circling the drain, Part II

Good gravy, everyone is jumping on the “write Palm’s obituary” bandwagon! The value of the stock fell another 29%, Ruby is grinning so maniacally, I fear for any one in his path including close family,  one analyst went so far as to say Palm will bagel inside of twelve months:

“Palm’s troubles will only accelerate as carriers and suppliers increasingly question the company’s solvency and withdraw their support,” Peter Misek, a Canaccord Adams analyst in Toronto, said today in a note in which he cut Palm’s price forecast to $0. “With what appears to be roughly 12 months of cash on hand, an accelerating burn rate, a complete lack of earnings visibility, and substantial debt and preferred equity, we no longer see any value in the company’s common equity.”

Microsoft is not gonna’ save Palm, nor is Carl Icahn, hey, maybe Larry can throw a life preserver to Palm, give Ruby the golden parachute , and keep El Jobso and Squirrel Boy on their toes. Nahhh, that’s truly the bubble pipe talking. Nice knowing you Palm,

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the Pre is a cool phone, but, you screwed it up and Google and Apple have left you so far behind, it looks like you’re backing up now.