New iPhone on the Verizon?

The Wall Street Journal (Extra! Extra! Only $17.99 a month subscription on the iPad! Extra!) reports Apple is working on two new iPhones for release probably at end of this year, a 4th generation for AT&T and another that uses CDMA card not unlike Verizon or Sprint. How about movin’ on up to 4G already? Or here’s a crazy idea. Instead of buying Adobe, which so many bloggers, fanbois and tech writers say would be a perfect fit for Apple – why not buy a wireless network? Have everything under one freakin’ roof. If you’re gonna’ have a superior walled off garden experience, you might as well have it all under one roof. while it makes sense to still have an “outsider” provide the wireless service, so if anything goes wrong, you can blame it on the network, not the phone (or the iPad). OTOH, if you own and operate the network, you can make sure everything acts seamlessly with each other, one big smooth invisible operation.

imagine these two entities as ... ONE?

Can some Photoshopper or GIMP genius combine these two images, perhaps Apple should buy the Death Star and give Randall Stephenson a golden parachute?