Moonwalker and Baywatcher on DWTS (oh my!)

Nobody represented from Silicon Valley this year on Dancing With The Stars ( was Woz robbed or not?), but we do get former astronaut Buzz Aldrin who walked on the Moon and former aging Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson who’s going to try and stay clean and  sober without falling over for the next six weeks. You know who I’d like to see on the show, doncha’? Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds facing off against each other. Now Stallman can actually cut a mean piece of rug in his own inimitable galumphing way. I imagine Linus has enough competence and discipline to not embarrass himself, he was in the Finnish army and served well. Of course 99% of most Americans don’t have any fuck who the hell Linus and

Now, now, now, let's not stir the waters or my wife will give you such a karate chop - like this - see?

Richard are, but I’m sure the ABC publicity machine could take care of that and make these two uber-geeks household names and entertaining

Don't pick a fight with me or I'll stare at you!

D-list celebutards. Also, I wouldn’t mind if they both made a little sidebet on who gets thrownoff first. If Richard gets thrown off first, he has to stop insisiting freetards call Linux, “GNU/Linux”, which always gets my craw, I mean all Stallman did was invent the tools that made Linux possible, if they weren’t there already, I’m sure Linus would have been competent enough to make the damn things himself. That’s like if I built a tool shed in my backyard of my own design and gladly shared that design with my friends, family and neighbors, but had to give credit to the company that made the damn pencils, pens, paper and other drafting tools I used to design the tool shed. Retarded, right? The stuff Linus used are tools and nothing more. I don’t see the Hurd setting the world on fire, yet, do you Richard? Why don’t you finish that project instead of trying to claim credit for somebody else’s work, okay?

Here’s a nice video of RMS dancing witha guy in GNU costume