Microsofties love their iPhones

Yup, the iconic iPhone is wildly popular on the Redmond campus. Sometimes they need to hide their precious device, tho.  Key quote from the Wall Street Journal article: “Maybe once a year I’m in a meeting with Steve Ballmer,” said (a Microsoft) employee. “It doesn’t matter who’s calling, I’m not answering my phone.” Not all Softies hang on to their iPhones, though.  More from WSJ:

Some executives have openly renounced their iPhones. Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft’s business division, used Apple products before Mr. Ballmer lured him to Microsoft in early 2008. But at a meeting of Microsoft sales representatives after joining, Mr. Elop placed his personal iPhone into an industrial-strength blender and destroyed it in a reenactment of a popular Internet video, says one witness.