Michael Wolff has become obsessed with me, and it’s starting to get scary

Seriously, the guy writes about me every day now, plus he’s been calling my office over and over insisting on speaking to me, and then he’s sending email to my personal email account, and I’m thinking about getting a restraining order. See his latest hornball note here. Wolff says I’m suing HTC because I feel threatened. He says the lawsuit is a sign that the iPhone isn’t doing well enough, that “Apple’s margins are apparently not large enough to sustain a competitive onslaught.” Money quote:

It’s a Steve thing. Not just a temper tantrum. But an operatic one. It’s Steve Jobs’ signature: pride and paranoia. Behind it, too, is the motivation of all great competitors—they really don’t want to compete, they want the market for themselves.

Michael Wolff, you scare me more than Ray Kurzweil, and that’s saying something. Please, please, for the love of all things holy, go find yourself an intern to sexually harass, and leave me alone.