It must be nice …

Why the heck is Chile so long, thin and narrow? The Explainer ‘splains it all for you, Lucy. But I’ve always liked this story that Kurt Vonnegut,Jr recounts, from Palm Sunday:

True story, Word of Honor:

Back in 1966, with the Vietnam War going on, in September, the start of a new academic year at the legendary Writers’ Workshop out at the University of Iowa, I introduced the world-class novelist Nelson Algren, onetime lover of Simone de Beauvoir, wife of Nobel Laureate Jean-Paul Sartre, to the world-class novelist José Donoso, nickname “Pepe,” both of them now in Heaven.

We three had all gone bust, and so had come to work as teachers of Creative Writing. I explained to Nelson that José, that Pepe, was from Chile. Nelson thought a moment, possibly about Simone de Beauvoir. And then he said to José, to Pepe,“It must be nice to come from a country that long and narrow.”