I may resign from the internet

Facebook and Twitter just can’t wait to give up your whereabouts to all your friends and followers. Remember when Google got knee high in this exact same shit? This is getting a little bit heebeegeebee to me. We all knew the day of no privacy was coming but for me that day can’t come slow enough. Sure, some rescue rangers will praise it for finding idiots in distress, but mainly, it will be abused by crooked advertisers, crooked elements within the government, crooked cops and black hat code crackers. It happens folks, it happens. I’m weighing my options whether to stick with it, or go semi-Kaczynski and disappear, but without the crazed manifesto and letter bombs (now that guy was really paranoid). I never really got into Twitter, so I won’t miss that, but quitting Facebook may mean having to deal with people in person, face to face. How intriguing.