How the Kindle will prevail

Hey, man, I gotta' an idea, I gotta' an idea!

Reddy Kilowatt

Amazon realized something about the Kindle that El Jobso likes to say about the iPad, the iPhone, the iTouch, etcetera. It’s not the hardware (which is cool) it’s the software. And when Christmas happened and Amazon sold more ebooks than hardcovers and paperbacks, Bezos had a light go up over his shiny light bulb-shaped head, which is freakin’ hilarious if you ever see Jeff Bezos get an idea. I mean, he already looks like Reddy Kilowatt, right? So now the Kindle is not just some device you cart with you – it’s software that allows you to purchase, read and get your books on almost any mobile device or PC or Mac (where’s Kindle for Linux, already Jeff? I should be able to get this on Ubuntu by now, ya’ think?). After the 1984 incident, Amazon will never jerk its customers around again, much like Apple does every freakin’ day by ceremoniously dumping apps with nary a plausible explanation, and not even a refund most of the time. So, if Apple does drop Kindle from its mobile devices and even its desktop hardware, Amazon won’t suffer too badly, people will gravitate to other devices that will host the Kindle software. You think Bezos is talking with Schmidt about Kindle for Android and Chrome OS? Duuuuhhhhh, yesssss! So, even if the Amazon abandons the hardware, it still will be have Kindle installed worldwide across a wide variety of formats. I seriously doubt Steve Jobs is going to allow the bookstore for iPad be available for the PC aka Windows, to compete with Kindle, though anything is possible.