Greedy, obnoxious, loudmouth, dumbass developer booted from App Store

Yahoo wuz right, yawl are Nazis! You'll be hearing from my lawyers and the ACLU!!!

Go here for story. The author of story wishes Apple could be more forthcoming when kicking people from App store, even in a case as obvious as this one. It really doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure it out, does it? He figured out that devoted Apple consumers will pay anything, no matter how tasteless, that has Apple seal of approval, i.e. the game initially passed the arduous approval process. It didn’t help he did talk trash about the App store and other competing apps, nor his game was a tad tasteless but probably considered benign enough to be allowed to co-exist with other apps in Steve Jobs walled off garden. But c’mon … this guy has no class, no taste, no clean underwear and no manners. Can’t have that, can we?