Google grows even more obnoxious

This anyway is the takeaway from a speech that Dr. Strangelove gave in Abu Dhabi. Fortune reported on it but of course didn’t have the balls to flat-out say that Schmidt & Co. are totally egomaniacal sociopaths drunk with their own power. No, for that bit of truth-telling we needed Valleywag/Gawker, which took the same material and put a better headline on it: “Six Delusions of Google’s Arrogant Leaders.”

It’s familiar stuff. Like, when people complain about Google invading their privacy, it’s not Google’s fault, it’s that the poor end users are confused, or stupid, or both. Like, Google isn’t about making money, yet the proof of Google’s virtue is how much money it’s making, and how well its stock price is doing, ie, the fucks on Wall Street are now the world’s best moral compass.

Best part is that apparently Eric claimed Google had figured out how to predict the stock market but had decided against doing it because “we decided it was illegal.” I’m not sure what exactly they had planned, so who can say on the legality part, but let’s just ponder this for a second. Google’s top brass believes they are so smart that they could predict the stock market, if they chose to do so.

Really? Seriously? What else could Google do? Change the weather? Communicate with the dead? Choose winners at the race track? I used to think Larry Ellison was the craziest, self-adoringest buffoon I’d ever met. But Eric, congratulations. You now have nudged into the lead. Even Microsoft was never this awful. And that’s saying something.

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