Frigtard of the Week: Jesse James

New concept.

Every week, we’ll announce the Frigtard of the Week.  Since there are so many Frigtards out there, let’s not just limit it to the tech field. Anyone who does something totally stupid beyond belief is eligible.  I know, there are a lot of choices.  When it comes down to it, it’s really whoever I feel like teeing off on. What do they get for this nomination?  Well, just a few insults.  But if you make this list, chances are you are already getting blasted on a galactic scale.  (Like, this guy.)

Which brings us to a fellow named Jesse James.  About 99% of the world didn’t know him from a box of packing peanuts until he married America’s New Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock.  (Sorry, Reese.) Sandra already had geek cred due to her starring role in The Net.  (I thought, wow, she ordered pizza over the computer.  I must know more about this “Internet” thing.  I think this was 1995. She wants to know “where she can hook up her modem.”) Sandy also now has showbiz muscle to burn, thanks to her friend Oscar.

That brings us back to Mr. James.  He of porn star ex-wife fame. Nice family man, eh? So what did he (allegedly, snicker snicker) do?  He cheated on Sandy while she was out making the movie last year that won her the Oscar.  With some grubby tattooed beastie named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. He cheated on America’s New Sweetheart.  With “Bombshell.” Maybe he’ll go out and kill some kittens, too. Same mentality.

Mr. James, you are our Frigtard winner for the week.  And it’s not even Friday.  I doubt anyone will be more of a bonehead than you.

Talk about being blindsided.