Facebook still pawning Google

Yeah, I actually created Facebook so I could get laid in college. Fucking with Google - bonus!

Journos and bloggers alike are tripping over themselves ever since the metrics have been released that show Facebook overtook Google as most visited internet page on the week ending March 13, 2010 (we’re still waiting for the end of this week’s results). There can’t be enough superlatives in any language to cover this, everyone is saying this is the new battle of the internet. I say – get a grip. Alfredo Liguini over here, he can be had. Facebook can be, and will be dethroned. Remember MySpace (I know Rupert Murdoch wish he could)? The smart thing Zuckybaby can do now is cash out and bail and move on to something else – like banging silicon breasted supermodels, buying Jet-Skis, owning a nationally recognized sports franchised – before the money runs out. Sell the damn thing for cash to Microsoft or Google – and enjoy your moment in the sun while it lasts.