Dear Leader shows his benevolence once more

Apple COO Tim Cook is just the latest to receive a benevolent gesture from El Jobso. Apple’s CEO, who struggles by on a salary of $1 per year, has decided to give Cook a bonus of $5 million dollars and a bunch o’ stock (At today’s price of $226 that’s another $17 million, ahem) for not destroying the company doing a good job while Jobso was out on sick leave hiatus.

The generosity of Steve Jobs is staggering.  He creates wonderful devices like the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad..and then allows us to buy them! He gives underlings trusted members of his team enormous bonuses. Tim who?

Yet he scrapes by on a buck a year. And in Silicon Valley, that won’t last long.

Gandi could have learned much from Steve Jobs.