Contest: Snip The Ponytail Off!

You know, it’s all very well to write haiku send offs to commemorate the fuck up that is MyLittlePony, but I think we need something more challenging, something a little more devious, something physical, something involving a video camera and YouTube …

… I’ve got it!

Okay, here’s the deal:

ha, ha, very funny guys ... uh, whaddya doin' wid dose scissors?

We all the know the game, “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”, right? Well, this game is called, “Snip The Tail Off My Little Pony”. Snip the ponytail off from the back of his head (without causing him ANY physical harm, okay, this is a prank, not criminal assault!) while documenting it on video – and post it to YouTube – contact me at firstrabidfanboy at with link of video and send us the pony tail. We’ll award the winner one free copy each of Open Solaris and Open Office signed by yours truly.

Here’s your inspiration:

If we can achieve this, from now on, we can call My Little Pony – Stubby Boy! Now get right on it, my little Nimrods with shears!