Close Encounters of the Jobso kind

Interesting story from that pillar of journalistic credibility, Valleywag. They detail the many recent Jobso sightings, and include a close encounter with Dear Leader at a movie theater.

About a week before the iPad was officially unveiled, I was in Cupertino walking to my car in an AMC parking lot and I hear someone behind me ask, “Excuse me, which direction is the movie theater?”

I turn around and am face to face with Steve Jobs and his wife.

Although I was completely stunned that 1) I was talking to Steve Jobs in a parking lot and 2) it was just him and his wife going to a movie (I figured that with his money he would have his own private theater or something), I gave him directions and he was on his way.

What was particularly funny about the incident was that in addition to me working very closely with Palm at the time, I was very vocally telling my girlfriend how awesome the Palm Pre is over the iPhone when he approached me.

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