AT&T is running scared

El Jobso is yanking Stephenson’s chain real hard now, and Stephenson is feeling it. AT&T tech people are moving heaven and earth to improve iPhone coverage in crucial areas and special events and high usage areas but people are still highly unsatisfied with AT&T’s 3G  coverage up to this day. AT&T  has  “educated” Apple handset engineers on how their wireless networking operates so now the iPhones have been re-configured through updates in how they communicate with the cell towers and reduced the load and the drop offs and the jams. Yet, still … people complain. So, Apple is readying an iPhone that works with Verizon’s network. And they haven’t been secretive about that at all, unofficially. So, now we have a bunch of people who can’t wait to jump ship, a bunch of people ready to toss their current Verizon mobile device for an iPhone and some other fence sitters as well. And Stephenson is finally sweating bullets, going nuts, and making some very interesting decisions – like making deals with Palm and Dell and taking tea with Google. How long before Squirrel Boy double crosses you, Stephenson? And how long before Android developers and users give you the finger and go over to the other side?