As long everybody’s apologizing for something …

… I’d like to say sorry the Texas Republican delegation (and one Democrat from Waco) voted against the health care reform bill, even though the bill would benefit more half Texas’s six million uninsured. The Democrat had the money quote in my opinion:

“My vote reflects not only my concerns, but also those of the vast majority of people in my district,” said Rep. Chet Edwards of Waco, who was the only Texas Democrat voting against the measure.

I’m not even going to bother to touch that, Bill Maher does that so much better. Par example:

New Rule: Stop worrying that crackpots are inserting their dogma into Texas schoolbooks. Sure, replacing Thomas Jefferson with Phyllis Schlafly is troubling, but it’s Texas. The only use Texans have for textbooks is to sit on them so they can get a better view of the football game. The last person to even notice Texas had schoolbooks was Lee Harvey Oswald.