Apple’s auto-da-fé, or book burning online?

Depending on your point of view, Apple is either being a censorious Soup Nazi or narrowing the selection of what’s available in its App stores for the benefit of its consumers. Well, first they went after the sex-themed apps, since so many kids are using the iPhone/iTouch with little or no oversight, then they lowered the boom on “cookie-cutter” apps (I hafta’ to agree with this policy, how many Beatle lyric apps created on the same template does a store need? One should cover it, right, not twenty-seven – and some apps could be replaced with a RSS feed, too, apps should be creative and original and child-like and wonderful, not some kludge piece of code that could have been assemblylined at Redmond ).

Apple Book Store gatekeeper: "The Dan Lyons catalogue, all of it, into the virtual fire!"

Now, this Tech Cruncher believes Apple will soon be restricting online books.

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I can safely guess you will not be able to get these titles (this, this or even this) on your iPad nor on iPhone/iTouch, or at least they will be a tad difficult to get in future. Guess, I’ll hafta’ hang on to that Kindle just a wee bit longer.