4000 Big Mini-Black Holes

… not in Blackburn, Lancashire, luv, but last night at Large Hadron Collider,

We did it! We did it! We did it! Up yours doomsayers! Up yours fundamentalists! And we didn't blow up the world!

when thousands of sub-atomic particles smashed into each other and literally created countless miniature Big Bang explosions,

We're still here, Universe!

so we’re talking quite a few failed universes to hide in the basement, but, oh, science triumphed, and lo and behold, the Earth didn’t fail to exist – again! There’s enough info for physicists to pore over and give us a better idea of how our universe came about. As long as we don’t give birth to a new universe that rubs out or cancels out this one, I’m not done with it yet, even though the warranty expired last Thursday (gulp!).

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