You’re still using XP?

XP users ... they're not going anywhere anytime soon

Not nearly as annoying as Vista, unless you're upgrading from XP, and if you are, may I introduce you all to either this fine revolver or perhaps a hangman's noose?

After all the hype, whistles, horns, applause and apple sauce has died down over the intro of Windows 7, astoundingly, there are millions of users perfectly happy to continue using XP. Why shouldn’t they? Microsoft has pledged to support XP until 2014, which means developers will still be writing apps and supporting this platform until least eighteen months before Microsoft bids adieu to this workhorse. And because of all the bad hoodoovoodoo with Vista, lots of XP users are not jumping ship for something which has been described as Vista Light (as opposed to Vista Done Right). Converting these fence sitters is going to be the new prize as Apple, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell and even Oracle strategize on prying open the pockets of not only consumers but cash strapped businesses in these tough economic times. It’s safe to say Apple is converting the home computer users with its cool and easy to use products. This may be a trojan horse to get Apple in the business sector (gotta push those Xserves to something else besides universities and research labs) with their green, powerful, efficient line of safe and intuitive products. Oracle is aiming itself right at those XP businesses, probably revamping its recently acquired line-up of Sun products to make them more appealing to SMBs and larger customers.