Woz having hassles with his Prius — but when he calls Toyota to bitch about it, his iPhone keeps dropping the call

Woz is having problems with his Prius because of this stuck accelerator pedal issue. And now he’s and bitching to Gizmodo about the lousy customer service that he’s getting from Toyota and from the NTSA.

Buried in the story is this little gem:

Toyota is difficult too, but after some phone calls I managed to express some of my situation. Unfortunately my iPhone dropped the calls twice and I never got a reference number but they may have some sort of ticket open.

The Gizmodo guy follows up with this:

What I find amazing is that someone—being Steve Wozniak or John Doe—is having these problems, and nobody in the company is doing anything about it, pronto.

We checked, and the Gizmodo guy was talking about the car. Not the phone. Whew.

But consider this: Imagine a world where your car (or your TV, or your alarm clock, or anything) was only as reliable as your iPhone. Nobody would put up with it. Yet with iPhone, they do. And that, my friends, is the miracle of Apple, and the power of the RDF.

PS, Woz? Suck it up and buy a Mercedes.