Worth noting: Eric never recused himself from our iPad discussions

And now they’re working on a tablet too, according to TechCrunch, which ran the above video today. It’s a Google demo of how Chrome OS might work on a tablet. TechCrunch also ran pix of some Google tablet mockups, which it found on a Chromium OS site. (See mockup photo below.) Funny thing is, that Google tablet bears a pretty striking resemblance to our iPad, doesn’t it? Pretty amazing coincidence that the freetards could get this knocked together just as we’re coming out with our tablet computer. I mean, it’s almost as if they knew what ours was going to look like, even before we announced it. But how could that be? How could anyone at Google possibly know what our iPad was going to look like? Oh wait.

And people wonder why I say that “Don’t be evil” is bullshit.

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