Welcome To The Walled Off Hotel

To be accepted into Apple’s App Store is like getting your first credit card. It doesn’t guarantee you accumulations of riches previously unheard of, but it gives you a thrilling feeling of adventures to come, of avenues once forbidden, access to luxurious venues and cementing of new bonds of trust. However, like that bank issuing the credit card, Apple’s App Store gatekeepers dictate a set byzantine regulations, codes of conduct and behavior, not to mention suggested terms and phrases and products to avoid mentioning in your description of your product. It doesn’t help that the wording is as vague and squirrelly as a promise from Eric Schmidt, so developers walk blindfolded through the gatekeepers minefield list of do’s and don’ts, risking admonishments, penalties and banishment with nary a reasonable explanation.

you can check out but you can never leave

One of the nice things about owning an iPhone, iTouch and , soon, an iPad – no pop-up ads. Especially ones based on your location. If I need directions to Chez Girard on my iPhone, I don’t wanna’ see a pop-up ad from the Grandy’s across the street offering buy get one free coupons for chicken fried chicken livers dipped in Susquehanna gravy. Nor if I’m following directions to a spa treatment center to get come-ons from the massage parlor two blocks down round the corner. But that day be ending. Apple quietly bought Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising platform. Or maybe not. Perhaps Quattro’s format will be woven into Apple’s it-doesn’t-really-exist-search-engine-so-quit-asking-about-it-OK-I-really-mean-stop-asking-already-okay-that’s-it-this-is-over-Moshe-relieve-them-of-their-recording-devices-and-apply-the-electro-shock-to-their-brain-stems.