TOPNEWS is a mite confused

In a story describing gaming sales for January 2010, obviously way informed writer Justin Sorkin reported Microsoft’s Playstation 3 topped Sony. Lest you think I’m making this shit up, I submit this wonderful page save as evidence, m’lud.:

incrimination evidence is highlighted

Now right now, I am deathly freakin’ ill, in the hospital, hallucinating on gosh knows what, while the experts are hovering over my carcass wondering to flush me out or tear me open like a Christmas present, but I still have the presence of mind to know Microsoft makes the freakin’ XBox 360 and Sony pushes Playstation 3. When I make mistakes, I ‘m the one who catches them and corrects on the fly (usually spelling or grammatical). This outfit pays people to write stuff, know stuff they’re reporting on and editors to check this shit out. At least I’m conscientious, although any minute I may not be conscious, crap, but this is what I hate about the journalism of today. There isn’t any. Get it right the first time, idiots!