Throw away your iPhone!

Dude, you're seriously creeping me out with this Gollum shtick, cut it out!

Galen Gruman thinks he figured it out. It’s all clear to him now. The mobile web is now dead in the water. Right now. Forever. Why izzat Gaaayyy-Leeennn?

In case you don't know, I write a lot of books for dummies like you!

Why izzit thats mobile web all deads? Hmmm? ‘Splain to us Gaaayyy-Lennn, ‘splains it to us … the iPad killed it, it dids, killed its right wherez it stands, Jim. You betcha’. Who needz nasty iPhone with bad reception when you can do everytink else wit iPad, yes? Buy a phone that works from someone else, yes that’s what we do preciousness, nice Verizon or T-Mobile or Sprint, cos we haves the iPad now, preciousness, yes we do, it does all we want, no contracts, no two year service agreements, we can walks away when we want, except we won’t preciousness, we loves its too much, we never lets it outta our sights again, shall we my love? Nevers lets its slips away again!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!