This whole bash-a-Mac-to-drive-traffic thing is getting so old

Nevertheless, the folks at The Inquirer give it their best shot, with an incredibly lame piece that claims Macs are much less secure than PCs and that Apple is a “cappuccino company.”

Just in case that flame bait wasn’t enough to drive traffic from angry fanboys, the Inquirer describes the typical Mac user as “a smug, technologically illiterate person who believes they are invulnerable because they use a Mac.”

Not to be a dick about grammar, but I guess I would point out that a typical Inquirer hack must be a smug fuckbag who doesn’t know the difference between singular and plural, or maybe they don’t realize you should keep that consistent when he writes a sentence, otherwise you might look like he doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

That aside, it’s true we appeal to people who aren’t super tech savvy. We’re proud of that. It means we’re succeeding in our ultimate goal, which is to make technology invisible. You shouldn’t need to know anything to use our products. You should just pick them up and use them. I know that this offends some people, and I don’t care, because I’m right and they’re wrong.

As Flaubert (or maybe Dave Winer, I can never remember) once said, “The author in his work should be like God in the universe, present everywhere but visible nowhere.” Substitute technology for author and you get the idea. The best technology is the kind that’s so good you don’t see it.

That’s also one reason (among many) that Windows sucks. It’s always there, getting in your way, pretending to be helpful but really just pissing you off, like that waiter who keeps stopping by your table asking you if you need anything else, and is everything okay, and how do you like your dinner. When it’s not doing that, WIndows just keeps making you do things in ways that aren’t intuitive, that aren’t natural. It keeps jarring you, getting in between you and whatever it is you’re trying to do. There’s too much there there, if you know what I mean.

As for us, we’re not perfectly invisible — I’ll admit that. But we’re getting better all the time.

But yeah, you go, little hack for the Inquirer. I’m sure you’re a real tech expert, and it just grates on you to see people using Macs and to know that those people aren’t nearly as smart or as tech savvy as you. Why, you’re probably the best programmer in all the world, way smarter than all the engineers who work at Apple, but you’re working for the Inquirer because you don’t waste your precious code on losers who don’t know about tech.

Bah. Poser.