This is it?

set your anti-virus program to anti-child molestation

Now, I have seen Chinese counterfeit commemorative thumb drives that have either Michael Jackson’s image emblazoned upon the devices, to drives that look like a plastic action figure with an oversized head that comes off and – voila! – memory stick plug in – but this authorized piece of hardware from Samsung really fortifies the soda pop with de King of Pop, and not with vitamins but Jesus juice, if you know what I mean, and I think you all do, except for the fucktards out there, we’ll let them work at their own speed, the rest of you, follow me. This collectible piece of silicon and iron will have 500GB of storage less the gigabyte or two for the included DRM version of the MJ documentary/canonization ‘This Is It” which you cannot copy to a DVD to watch on your regular TV, you have to watch it on your computer. Like Titanic, Avatar and the StarWars prequels, I’m so not riding that bus.

Available Feb 22, order yours today, buy a bakers dozen and hand  ’em out to strange children you want to befriend, I’ll alert the authorites, if you don’t mind. And anything that has DRM on it, remember the Sony root-kit fiasco? Sandbag that file and scour it thoroughly for anything that reports back to “home” base. No sense in allowing your data to get violated on a regular basis. Eeee-heeee!