This is extortion

Wu Xiaolong (wait, stop a second, let’s all say this together in unison a few times. Ready? Ah one, ah two, ah three: Woo Zzz-aye-yow-long. Man, why couldn’t I have been born in Hong Kong or Taiwain? I could have been Phut Long Ho-Ghee or Hung Dong-Lo.) ,

all you iPad now belong to me, Cupertino

the mafia don pirate king president of Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial is exploring ways of shaking down pursuing a lawsuit against Apple, Inc. regarding its allegations that the best damn fine most original and beloved company on the planet Cupertino-based company never even heard of until yesterday stole the design of its P-88 piece of shit Windows tablet and employed it in the creation of its recently debuted miracle of Jobs iPad.

Does look anything like a beautiful iPad?

This guy’s company has made so many iPhone knockoffs, it’s amazing Apple has sold any genuine iPhones at all in this country. This bastard asshole then plants people inside Apple’s factories and R&D labs in China, gets some early designs and employs them in his piss poor piece of shit knock-off and has the audacity to have it run on Windows, then makes about a couple of thousand, sits on them, and waits for the miracle of Jobs to happen, then comes along thinking he’s likeĀ  Fester trying to sell cross patent agreements. This Zzz-aye-yow-long is smoking French crack if he thinks he’s getting a payday from the moey bin from Cupertino. I wonder Zzz-aye-yow-long he’s gotto live until he receives a visit from Moshe’s Chinese counterpart in Shenzhen. Can you say Zzz-aye-yow-long sushi?