The problem with xenophobic vitamin deficient dwarves

I’ve just realized something. We are never going to reconcile with the North Koreans. Ever. Sorry about that Margaret Cho. The problem, after sixty frickin’ years, the fanatical military regime has replaced all original Communist ideals with a xenophobic totalitarian slave state. Almost every citizen thinks anyone who is not born and bred in North Korea is a diseased mongrel who should be put down immediately. Even the Chinese hate to visit that place, even though they’re more or less charged with propping up this insane loony bin, though nowadays, they’d rather not. The North Koreans receive care packages from USA but the regime has convinced the citizens this is tribute because the USA is terrified of North Korea. We’re terrified alright. Terrified of being stuck trying to reform a country of xenophobic dwarves with vitamin D deficiency and probably scurvy, too. Geez, isn’t there some way to put the whole country out of its misery? In a humane way?

Read about this quandary in this book, The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans See Themselves and Why This Matters

(it’s not on Kindle or iPad, yet)