Son of a gun

One of the great music industry rumors is (possibly) laid to rest.  Her famous song “You’re So Vain” has never had a subject.  For years, she has refused to give up the name, except once where she privately disclosed the answer to NBC’s Dick Ebersol as the result of a charity auction.  Who’s the song about?  Mick Jagger?  (All these years, and as I listen to it now, I can finally hear Mick singing background.) Warren Beatty? Larry Ellison? (Imagine that.) So she re-recorded a version of the song, and in there, she whispers the name, “David.” The Interwebs are buzzing that the man in question is multi-mogul David Geffen.  Bonus: What’s that word? “Gavotte?” From Wikipedia: “You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte,”-in this context it can be taken to mean a pretentious or egotistical style of dancing.” Sure sounds like Larry.