So simple, a child probably built it

we must stop this outrage, chinese kids stealing our children's after school jobs!

New brouhaha erupting from overseas. Your iPhone and iTouch and probably that upcoming iPad that’s so easy to use a preschooler can use it, was probably built by underage labor.

You must stop this Steve, or so help me, I'll host another telethon!

My gawd, if that’s true, then we truly have a scandal on our hands. You know how many American kids would love to have an afterschool job working for Apple? What a squandered opportunity to appear patriotic and teach values to America’s youth. My golly, when I was six years old, I picked full quarts of strawberries all summer at Jerry’s Farm in New Jersey and got paid a dime for each friggin’ quart and I was freaking happy as shit to get those handful of dimes every day. Cripes, I would gladly work for sixteen dollars and hour (plus benefits) assembling iPads part time just knowing I would be making the world a better place, and so would much of America’s youth. Jobs, suck it up, let those peons go back to making cheap cotton underwear and imitation denim jeans, we need to bring those tech manufacturing tasks back home to our good ol’ American youth.

OH, how did the media ever find out about this in the first place?

Oh, John, did I tell you that they use whips? And they pay the kids in roach droppings and cat turds? It's true, all true, I tell you, no lie. They're monsters, I tell you, monsters!

I understand it was a raving and drooling retard over in the Pacific Northwest, couldn’t say who, but one can guess, right?