Pepsi dumps The Super Bowl

There’s a whole generation of people out there who grew up watching Pepsi commercials debut on The Super Bowl.  Well, that ship has sailed. The New Pepsi Generation now uses social media like Twitter, My Space and Facebook, as well as e-mail blasts and YouTube videos. Lot cheaper in these recessional days than advertising on a football game on broadcast television and more effective and easier to measure.

This is certainly a signal that power of network/broadcast television is about to begin its final descent. Either the networks will fade away to be replaced by

iPads? ... Kindles? ...<i>snort</i> ... try reading a book ... It's a non-volatile storage medium. It's very rare. You should 'ave one.

far more numerous, squirrelly players, a la Max Headroom: Twenty Minutes Into The Future, or broadcast television be an entirely local affair, some TV stations possibly run out of some people’s garages or bedroom (reminds me of the original Channel 52 in Lewisville, TX back in the nineties, a total bedroom operation). Or maybe even a roving giant pink school bus.