One more thing — Google is switching all employees to Macs

Eric got up at an all-hands meeting on earlier this month and told the company that they’re all switching to Macs. Reason: security. Not immediate, but imminent. Yes, Eric, we appreciate the business. But you are still a backstabbing douchebag. Sorry. You just are. And I will do everything in my power to destroy you and your company. Search deal with Bing? Why the hell not. Roll my own mobile ads with my own newly acquired ad company? You bet. Wherever possible, we are getting off the Google train. You’re dead to me, Eric. Dead.

And while I’m ranting, let me say one more thing. The big difference between Google and Apple is that we start out asking what’s best for the customer. We really do. Google, on the other hand, starts out by asking what’s best for Google, and then asks, how can we trick people into believing that this is good for them too? Hence, Buzz. And Chrome. And Chrome OS. And Android.

Also worth considering: We charge $99 per year for a MobileMe subscription. Google gives you the same stuff and all they ask for is, um, permission to totally invade your privacy and to “monetize” (God I hate that word) your personal information. You think your personal information is worth less than $99 a year? Then you’re getting a hell of a deal with Google. The rest of us would rather spent $99 and keep the contents of our email to ourselves.