One Button Bob

Thanks for the heads up lastangelman, but I'm already too engrossed in the Breakout app on my iPad, that and changing into a fresh pair of Depends undergarments every twenty seven minutes like clockwork, 'cos this damn machine is so beautifully exciting, I can't contain myself, and why the hell should I? Crap, wait, here, I go again ... even that feels exhilarating, now that the iPad is within our midst!


Not many posts from moi, lately, I’ve been very ill, I wanted write about Larry earning his permanent woody this weekend away from the Swiss, but Brinke got there, and I’m still dragging myself around like a gut shot bear, such is the nature of my abdominal disorder, but I did I find something which is very entertaining and perhaps even easily mastered by 127 year old felt puppet technology writers, a port of an old Ninentdo game, One Button Bob, just keep pressing the ol’ left mouse button and you’ll avoid nasty encounters with traps and nasty hoods’n’villains. Enjoy Kiddies!

Thanks to Ricky Garduno from Dumm Comics