NYTimes is batshit crazy and ready to shoot itself in the left testicle …again

quite possibly more addicting than medical strength European health care approved heroin, but without the cancer

What’s going on, before the iPad even hits the streets, is that the dead tree version of the Times is fighting with the digital version over subscription prices. Afraid that once the iPad comes out and flies off the shelf like free Gland Slam breakfasts at Free Grand Slam Breakfast Day at Denny’s, subscribers to the dead tree version will cancel or transfer over to online digital version on the iPad. Eventually, newspapers will be relics, guys have some dignity, will ya’,  the online thing, it has sailed without ya’ and you’re hanging on to dear life like an end of term cancer patient strung out on morphine, or medical strength heroin, for our overseas European readers. What, they give heroin to cancer patients in Europe? Sure, isn’t that great? You’re three steps from the choir invisible, why the hell should you go out in agony, clawing the air and screaming, when you can be in a blissful, dignified serene bubble, it’s not like you’ll be on the stuff long enough to get addicted or anything.